Raised dog bowls – ZOE – Gold (Copie)


ZOE model designed for small dogs

Blue color is very chic, original and will bring contemporary, and modernity in your home.

All in one: drink and eat on the same table at a good height specially adapted to your hairy babies!

No more food on the floor, easy to clean underneath and easy maintenance on a daily basis thanks to its waterproof surface. A beautiful piece of design in your interior

It’s up to you to choose the feet of your choice below

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Double bowls on feet for small dog:
ZOE model

A dinner or a good lunch are always moments of pleasure for us and that we like to decorate with a nice table, a beautiful dishes to reinforce this culinary experience. The little members of our canid family also deserve to have the same experience with the ZOE Duo bowl model. Not only this model of raised Double Bowls brings comfort, stability to your dog but also beauty, originality and a beautiful contemporary design to your interior design.

As you know each dog is unique and different because of its character and physical appearance, so we wanted to decline this model ZOE for dogs Double Bowls on feet in many patterns, colors all different, allowing you to have a unique creation, timeless and adapted to your decoration. Feminine, Masculine, classic or modern!

zoe. Gamelle sur pieds chat et chien - pets and bowls

zoe. Gamelle sur pieds chat et chien – pets and bowls

Double Luxury Bowls created for small dogs

The raised Double Bowls ZOE model is specially designed to have water and food nearby and thus make life easier for our small dogs at home, but also our model of Double Bowls on feet allows to keep a bowl of water clean without having the dust of the ground that soils.


Similarly, the spacing between the two bowls has been studied to avoid as much as possible the food to contaminate the water bowl. The Double Bowls ZOE raised model from Pets And Bowls also offers an ideal height for small dogs, optimal comfort when they eat and drink to avoid health concerns later, preserving their spine.

Yorshire- Chiwaha mangeant pets and bowls

Yorshire- Chiwaha eating pets and bowls

Pets And Bowls: Unique and ultra-contemporary design

A design and a high-end manual realization and in small production. The aesthetic side is important but for us, but the quality and longevity of the products are even more so.

Classic dog tables are often made of varnished wood that over time, leaves water stains that never leave and deteriorates the visual appearance of the structure. So unless you do not use them or wipe the drops of water right away, they always end up deteriorating, which forces to sand and revarnish the wood to find a beautiful visual appearance … The stainless steel bowls are high-end and dishwasher safe. .To ensure good hygiene for your dog, the coating requires being with a soft sponge and a non-abrasive dishwashing product. Then rinse with clean water and wipe!

Double gamelle sur pieds petits chiens et chats- pets and bowls

Double gamelle sur pieds petits chiens et chats- pets and bowls

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