Bespoke elevated dog and cat bowl

Studied to ensure real daily comfort for your companions during meals. But also to be a beautiful object that will give you everyday satisfaction. But how did the concept of PETS And BOWLS come about?

Added value


  • Easy maintenance and longevity: Bare wood can have splinters, painted wood ends up chipping and waxed or varnished wood gets stained! With our waterproof coating, a single wipe of the sponge is enough to clean the table and keep it always beautiful!
  • Cleanliness : no more food on the floor so a kitchen that is always clean and requires less maintenance. Your companion can use the table to place his food.
  • Quality: all our tables are handmade by us, they are well balanced and stable. With a beautiful design of 8 cheerful and modern colors to choose from. A real piece of furniture dedicated to your dog or your cat!
Joe le Labrador et sa Maman

Added value


  • Health and comfort:eating and drinking at heights facilitates the absorption of food, so better digestion, decreases the absorption of gas and relieves the spine.
  • Cleanliness: no more dust or dirt from the floor in the stainless steel bowls and the distance between the water and food bowls of the double models is designed to prevent food from contaminating the water.
  • Tailored to their needs :support heights and bowl sizes designed to their sizes and their needs .

Our designs

Porte gamelles pour chat
Porte gamelles pour petits chiens - Pets And Bowls
Porte-gamelles pour chiens moyens- Pets And Bowls
Porte-gamelles pour grands chiens- Pets And Bowls

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they've said about us

Premium handmade quality, sturdy construction and elegant design! Super easy to set up, and excellent packaging which took some good impacts on its way to Greece but contents arrived fine! Pets & Bowls makes excellent products for our little friends which I highly recommend! Special thanks to the always so helpful designer!

I tested this model, I acquired it a week ago, it is artistic, practical and very original in an American kitchen! It's perfect for a cat too!

I highly recommend these good quality and attractively designed pet bowls available in a variety of colors that can be perfectly coordinated with any home color scheme. They are designed to adjust in height which is suitable for my family of small to medium sized pets. Easy to clean with just a wipe ... the dog slime is gone in an instant! I love my bowl sets and highly recommend them.

Specially designed for dogs and cats! Great products for your furry friends!

Thank you very much, well received on time, bravoooo. My doggie loves him, he no longer breaks his neck to eat and in addition he is doing really well at home ... I also think that my neighbors who have a bigger dog, will also order ... Again thank you...

Super happy with the ZOE duo, great quality and incredible colors! I will buy another one for my living room.

I got to see the new Pet Bowls a few days ago. The build quality is of a high standard and the design is very elegant and can match any room design. 5 stars

The product is very professionally made practical and looks amazing. My favorite is the Paris design but all of them are great.

Our dogs and our cats deserve the best
How about a dog food?

You are lucky to have a doggie at home and you are wondering what is the right bowl adapted to the needs of your dog?

What are the criteria for choosing a bowl for your dog?

For most people a dog bowl remains a dog bowl, no more, no less!

However, the dog accessories market being vast and the offer quite diverse, it is quite easy to indulge yourself but apart from the aesthetic aspect, there are quite important criteria to observe and to respect.

The height of a good dog bowl should be adapted to that of your dog

If you have a small dog, a stocky medium dog, or even a large dog the choice cannot be determined solely by the size and depth of the bowl, regardless of the size and depth of the bowl. height at which it is located. Likewise for your dog, you must bring a bowl for food and one bowl for water of course.

Several criteria must go into your search for the accessory, the ideal bowl for your dog’s needs and for you.


A bowl or bowl of water or food must be placed at a height corresponding to the shoulders of the dog whatever its size!


To allow them an easier absorption of food and thus allow them to have better digestion. Similarly, a position more suited to their body when eating allows dogs to absorb less gas in their stomach …



If the dog suffers from a very special disease called megaesophagus . The esophagus is abnormally dilated and food does not pass well to the stomach which causes regurgitation. Dans ce cas bien précis, mettre la gamelle en hauteur permet de faire manger le chien dans une position plus verticale et la gravité va aider les aliments à descendre vers l’estomac. Source


If the dog is suffering from neck or back pain (for example due to osteoarthritis in older dogs) and bending his neck obviously hurts him and prevents him from eating properly. So a high bowl will help him eat better. Source

By raising your dog’s bowl for kibble and the bowl for water, you will allow him to have more pleasure in eating his meal and less pain to accumulate.


By choosing bowls at the right height, your dog will no longer have the dust from the ground which will enter his bowl / food bowl or in his water bowl.

Likewise, the dog food will remain in the bowl without being scattered all over the ground!

Type of dog bowl

There are various types of dog bowls and apart from the aesthetic and financial aspect, several important criteria must be taken into account. Recently we see appear:

The anti-glutton bowl:

Are they effective and suitable for everyone?

An anti-glutton bowl is intended for those who do not take the time to enjoy their meal and who swallow their kibble much too quickly at the risk of making themselves sick. It is possible to increase the size of the dog food to also force them to chew. The anti-gluttonous bowl can be a solution for these dogs even if they are unfortunately often plastic and low to the ground and not easy to clean depending on the models and their sizes.

The kibble distributor:

  • A kibble dispenser seems to be more suitable for cats than for dogs who are naturally greedy and have trouble stopping, unlike cats who like to eat small amounts of food several times a day. If you leave a dispenser full of kibble you may find it empty or in poor condition depending on the size of the dog! In addition, a dispenser is rarely aesthetic and always flush with the ground therefore little suited to the real physiological needs of the dog.

The water fountain:

Which can be practical even if unattractive and again plastic and in the short term risks turning into a germ nest.

Deep and narrow bowls:

This type of bowl is often chosen for cocker spaniel or for doggies with big ears. During meals the ears soak in the bowl full of food! But is the dog comfortable eating? Raising dog bowls often is enough.

What material should you choose when choosing a bowl for your dog?

The dog water bowl has been identified as the third most contaminated item in the home suggesting it is able to act as a fomite for bacterial transmission, especially when immunosuppressed puppies or dogs are present. source

The University of HARPURY conducted a 6-week study to determine if the ceramic bowl, stainless steel bowl, stainless steel or plastic bowl was the best for the health of our pets.

The results showed that:

Ceramic bowl: MEDIUM

Several medically important bacteria were identified from the bowls, including MRSA and Salmonella, and the majority of species were identified from the ceramic bowl.

This could mean that harmful bacteria might be able to grow biofilms more successfully on ceramic materials. Source

Stainless steel or stainless steel bowl: YES

These are the healthiest for our pets, of course they must be cleaned every day with washing products or in the dishwasher.

The one recommended by veterinarians

Plastic bowl: NO

Is the most harmful because, according to the results of the study, it is the plastic that keeps and develops the greatest number of bacteria!

Moreover, veterinarians in general do not recommend plastic bowls.


A double bowl saves space and makes water and food available in the same place. The ideal is that it is non-slip and really adapted in height and in the service of your animal.

Pets And Bowls started with a whole new concept of double bowls on feet designed for dogs and cats with excellent quality stainless steel bowls.

The distance between the water bowl and the food bowl is calculated so as not to have any projection of food in the water

The height is perfectly thought out and takes into account the specificities of all breeds and also of the cat which is very difficult …

The non-slip height feet are available either in 10 cm or 25 cm and with an adjustable feet option which is very practical and allows to gain +/- 5 cm more.

The plus and what absolutely never seen is its waterproof coating and absolutely adapted to offer excellent hygiene to your dog or cat and also fulfills the criteria of elegance, modernity and design that we rarely see in the articles, pet products and accessories!

To conclude :

We know that doggies need to eat at a height, in stainless steel or stainless steel bowls and that it is also possible to have accessories in addition to being practical, adapted to your interior decoration.

We know that dogs like to take food out of their bowl and that a dog table is ideal for them because they can lay food on its side without putting it on the floor and then eat it afterwards.

You want to combine the cute and fun side with the practical and healthy side for your doggies, but sometimes the cute is not what is most hygienic for them unfortunately!

Pets And Bowls after long studies ticked all the boxes that we were desperately trying to fill by creating this table line on feet for cats and dogs available in several colors and customizable according to the options!

One way to stand out by adopting a beautiful designer object designed for the well-being of all our four-legged friends and for our aesthetic and simple pleasure on a daily basis!

The health and comfort of our doggies is most important!

Pets And Bowls
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