Cat bowl holder – ZOE: Paris


ZOE model – PARIS – Comfort, hygiene and aesthetics!

The reason PARIS is a little girly, funny, fresh and brings a little lightness to your decoration! It has a hint of gold in its pattern. No more food on the ground and dust in your cat’s bowls, he will finally be able to eat and drink at the right height. It’s up to you to choose and match the feet of your choice below!

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Cat bowl: ZOE

Zoe Paris raised bowl, white round legs 10cm

Zoe Paris raised bowl, white round legs 10cm

Double bowls on feet for cats – ZOE model

This pattern is for cats

Among the pets, cats are the most difficult when it comes to food and cat bowl choices, because if they don’t like the material or the shape, for example, you will know it right away! A dinner or a good lunch are always moments of pleasure for us and which we like to decorate with a pretty table, with beautiful dishes to reinforce this culinary experience. Small cats also deserve to have this same experience with the ZOE Duo cat dog bowl model. Not only this model of cat bowl brings comfort, stability, to your pet, to your cat but also beauty, originality and a beautiful contemporary design to your interior design. As you know each cat is unique and different because of its character and its physical appearance, so we wanted to decline this cat bowl model in two models and each available in 8 colors!

CUSTOMIZED: Unique and ultra-contemporary design


We are the only ones to offer tailor-made items for an object intended to feed your animal!

A design and a high-end manual production and in medium production. The aesthetic side is important, but for us, but the quality and longevity of the products are even more important. The big difference in the design of Pets And Bowls products from other luxury cat bowls is the waterproof covering used to cover its double wooden structure and in metal legs lacquered in various colors which can be chosen in round, square and also be raised by +/- 5 cm as an option.

Classic tables for cats are often made of varnished wood which over time leaves water stains that never go away and deteriorates the visual appearance of the structure. So unless you don’t use them or wipe off the drops of water right away, they always end up deteriorating, which means you have to sand and re-varnish the wood to regain a beautiful visual appearance. stainless steel are top of the range and are dishwasher safe.

Really unique concept!

The classic raised dog bowl racks are often made of varnished or painted wood which over time leaves water stains that never go away and deteriorates the visual appearance of the structure. So unless you don’t use them or wipe off the drops of water right away, they always end up deteriorating, which means you have to sand and re-varnish the wood to regain a beautiful visual appearance …

In short, a nightmare because it is obvious that you have to have a solid and easy to maintain material when you have a dog or a cat at home! Dogs are so happy to eat that it is better to have a material that is easy to maintain without becoming a slave to an everyday object!

Which type of cat bowl should I choose: single or double?

Advantages of l a simple model bowl RASPBERRY :


T he RASPBERRY cat bowl model which consists of a simple cat bowl holder will be perfect if you want to separate your cat’s water from its food ! If you have already opted for a kibble dispenser, you can choose the RASPBERRY bowl for your cat to accommodate its water. So you can install them as you wish. If you have already opted for a cat water fountain, you can take a simple RASPBERRY cat bowl to put the food next to it. Likewise if you have small dogs and cats at home you can mix the ZOE models and the RASPBERRY models and choose the same colors!

Advantages of the model double cat bowl ZOE :


The raised Double Bowls ZOE model is specially designed to have water and food nearby and thus make life easier for our cats at home, but also our model of Double Bowls on feet allows to keep a bowl of clean water without having soil dust contaminating it.

Likewise, the spacing between the two bowls has been studied to avoid as much as possible the food contaminating the water bowl, which is very important for cats who are obsessed with clean water …

The Pets And Bowls ZOE Double Bowl Raised Model also offers an ideal height for cats, optimal comfort when eating and drinking to avoid health concerns later, while preserving their spine. From the moment I saw that the animals loved to sort their food and put it outside their bowl, I decided to create this selection of free standing bowls for dogs and cats! A real table at home for your animal to sort its food without putting it everywhere on the floor

Cats must have a water point that is easily accessible during their meals and therefore close to the food. If you want to have everything available for your cat and simplify his meals, take the ZOE model which combines the kibbles and water on the same support. Water is accessible directly during meals and you do not need to burden yourself with another bowl.

This double model for cats dogs is precious and allows your pets to have a corner of their own.







Which material is best for my cats ?

Some people have opted for a water cooler, but often they are made of plastic which is a nest of germs! More and more researchers have looked into the question of whether plastic, ceramic or even stainless steel bowls were the best for our animal? Plastic is to be banned because, because of its microcracks, retains microbes and makes them multiply! plastic study Experts advise above all to invest in a bowl made of stainless steel or ceramic. Indeed, plastic bowls can easily crack and accumulate a large amount of germs. ” Health Magazine ZOE for cats Double Bowls on feet in many patterns, all different colors, allowing you to have a unique creation, timeless and adapted to your decoration. Feminine, Masculine, classic or modern!


Should I wash my cat’s bowl every day?

The answer is of course YES ! Whether it’s a dog’s or a cat’s bowl, the result is the same! Whether you give dry kibble or soft food, you must wash your pet’s bowl after each use if you want to keep him and him in good health at the same time! The bowls of our four-legged companions would contain colonies of germs and bacteria including salmonella, E. coli, staphylococcus, giardia, as well as fungi and molds. Health Magazine Our Pets And Bowls are made of stainless steel and you can put them in the dishwasher every day but also wash them in hot, soapy water. Rinse well then wipe dry!

This is the reason why I suggest acquiring one or two additional bowls for your cat bowl holder! You can add them to your order and find them in the accessories on our site / stainless steel bowl size S The same recommendations are made for dogs as many pet owners believe animals are hardy enough to resist germs in nature! It is true that few people think of washing their dog or cat’s used but empty bowl!


What are the advantages of adopting this luxury double bowl created for cats?

Anti-gluttonous bowl or classic bowl?

Once again, the accessories offered now are more and more varied for feeding our dog cats and between the dispensers, the water fountain, the anti-glutton bowl, the kibble dispensers, it becomes difficult to navigate. ! Multiplying the accessories for me is useless because in pet stores or in pet stores there is a selection of accessories which are most of the time everything and anything now! We really have to sort and see what our animal really needs!

Whenever there is a problem there is a solution!

The food of your animals must be balanced but even if you give them a little more than advised in relation to their size your animal will remain greedy and will rush on its food even if you buy an accessory such as a food dispenser an anti bowl. -glutton! Plastic by the way …. TIPS?

I have my tips, instead of having invested in unnecessary and really ugly accessories like the famous food dispenser that would have been demolished in a short time I prepare them in the evening a kind of soup with their food which forces them to drink before you get to their food! Their stomachs fill slowly and effortlessly thanks to their bowl on feet and so the feeling of hunger is less present when they are finished! I think cats like to eat several times a day as they please. A healthy and balanced diet in clean, raised bowls will make your pet a happy baby!

To ensure good hygiene for your cat, the coating must be with a soft sponge and a non-abrasive washing-up liquid. Then rinse with clean water and wipe dry!


What should you expect from a cat bowl?

In short, a cat bowl must be adapted to its size, its height, and must be raised! The size of the bowl used for food and for water and food must be suitable for its daily needs and stainless steel! The coating of the support must be easy to maintain and be able to wash easily without deteriorating after a month!

Having a bowl on feet allows easier cleaning If you really want to fit into the system of the kibble dispensers, the water cooler, do not take plastic especially since you will not be able to wash them every day

Zoe PARIS raised girdle black feet 10cm

Zoe PARIS raised bowl black feet 10cm

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