MANDY meduim dog bowl holder: Black (Copie) (Copie)


Custom dog bowl holder – 25 cm feet version

MANDY model – Blue– Hygiene, health and better digestion!
The BEIGE pattern is easy to integrate into any decoration because it is elegant and neutral! 
Water resistant and easily washable coating, 1 supplied 1,5L stainless steel bowl.
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Dog bowl holder for medium dogs – 25 cm feet

Design and tailor-made dog bowl holder to blend into your interior and also become a decorative element.

Why have a beautiful interior decoration and have an ugly bowl lying around in your kitchen?! NO

Because one breed of dog is not like another, because they are all a different size, there are small and large dogs and their needs are all specific, we adapt to them. It is not up to the dog to adapt to his bowl but to the bowl to adapt to the dog! The Lilou bowl is available either in a 10 cm version or in a 25 cm version. No more dog bowl that is neither adapted to your dog’s needs nor beautiful in your home!

Porte double gamelle sur pieds bleue chien moyens-Pieds blancs -pets and bowls

Porte double gamelle sur pieds bleue chien moyens-Piedsblancs -pets and bowls

We are the only ones at Pets And Bowls to offer you made-to-measure dog bowl racks!

Combines aesthetics with practicality. Like this LILOU double bowl model designed to bring comfort, hygiene and well-being to your dog or you can choose

  • The color of the support among 8 to choose from
  • The feet, their shapes and their colors among 5 or 6 to choose from!
  • Choice of 3 bowl support heights
  • Double or single bowl
  • Bowl size: 3 to choose from

This raised dog bowl model, Mandy, with 25cm legs is perfect for the medium legged dog. It is ideal for offering your dog a bowl of water independent of the bowl of dry food. Its height allows a large dog to be able to have clean water and a medium dog to be able to eat.

It is always difficult to find a bowl for the average dog because in general the bowls are either too big and too deep or too small! A dog needs to have a dog bowl suitable for his daily food needs. If your dog is on a diet the Mandy model with 25cm feet is perfect for him. It is not worth the trouble for a large dog to have a huge double bowl but in proportion to its water and food needs depending on the amount you give it. On the other hand, the dog bowl should not be too small either, at the risk that your dog will drop his kibble on the floor. The 1l5 capacity is once again perfect for medium dogs and will require you to change their water more often!


What are the real needs of a dog?

If we take away the constant need for love, the comfort of a good bed, regular walks and play areas we have in number 1 the food ! We have fun offering them accessories like collars, leashes and coats but the dog has a much more concrete approach and is more interested in what he will find in his bowl!

Eating is part of the number 1 pleasure for the majority of dogs and that is why it was important to focus on making the right dog bowl, the one that will be the most adapted to its morphology, its size, its state of health, its age and thus to make his daily life easier.


Eat or be disguised?

Eat or be disguised?

What are our motivations when we buy accessories for our dog?

We indulge ourselves by choosing accessories that we like and that are often unnecessary but just fashionable … but when is it our dog? Are the accessories that we see in advertising and supposedly created for your pets for young and old all really adapted to our dog?

The answer is obviously no …

Why shouldn’t you buy a plastic dog bowl?

The materials to choose for the accessories are very important and feeding your pet in a plastic bowl is strongly discouraged! Numerous studies have shown it, plastic is to be banned even if we can find original plastic bowl colors. Bacteria love to nestle in micro cracks invisible to the naked eye in plastic and proliferate there at high speed. This has impacting consequences on the health of your dog, your cat, of course!

Ceramic is not recommended either because a ceramic bowl is fragile and will tend to chip easily, thus allowing microbes to settle there.

This is why the anti-gluttonous bowl, which is most of the time made of plastic, is not the most hygienic, especially as it remains complicated to clean … The anti glutton bowl is also part of the current fashion accessories

Dog bowls also in the form of a kibble dispenser are often made of plastic. For a small dog, a kibble distributor can be interesting but this involves storing food for a certain time in a plastic container and thus allowing a colony of bacteria to settle there …! A kibble dispenser is also a fad, even if some see advantages in it, but it is better to separate the daily rations into 2 or 3 meals, for example, than to leave the kibble freely in a plastic dispenser.



It is not advisable for a dog to eat all day to avoid having to ask his stomach to work continuously !

What is an anti-glutton bowl?

We are talking more and more about these anti gluttonous dog bowl accessories, the main propaganda of which is to say that dogs will no longer “choke” by eating too quickly. It is true that some dogs are more voracious than others and that they look more like vacuum cleaners than nice civilized doggies!

With our bowls on feet, the dog will have an easier time eating and the food will slide more easily into his stomach.

It is always best to feed the food in your dog’s bowl by several meals than during a single meal. Imagine if you had to wait a whole day to eat? Animals are just like us and if cats love to split their meals into several during the day, dogs should have 2 meals a day. Morning and evening.


Porte double gamelle sur pieds bleue chien moyens-Pieds noirs -pets and bowls

Porte double gamelle sur pieds bleue chien moyens-Pieds noirs -pets and bowls

Why are all our bowls made of stainless steel, stainless steel?

We have chosen to equip all our models of dog bowls and cat bowls with stainless steel bowls because they are the best bowls for the health of your animal! The stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe

Still based on the same studies, it turned out that bacteria have a much harder time getting established in a stainless steel dog bowl than in a plastic or ceramic dog bowl!

A stainless steel bowl has a much longer lifespan than a plastic bowl. or ceramic and is much more practical and less fragile.

You can put your stainless steel bowl in the dishwasher almost indefinitely while the plastic dog bowl after a few years will start to deteriorate and microcracks will appear after a few months from the heat.

A stainless steel bowl will not budge and your dog’s bowl will always be spotless and healthy.


Do All Dogs Need A Dog Bowl Rack?

The answer is YES all dogs and even cats!


An animal needs to eat the right height according to its size and a dog bowl holder allows it to finally eat at the height that its skeleton needs

A dog needs raised bowls to eat his kibble but also a high bowl to drink.

Why / What are the advantages of having raised bowls?


  1. Less bread

If you look at or learn about a dog’s body shape, you will see that it takes a lot of effort to get food and water through its stomach. If a dog eats, whatever its size, but especially large dogs, with its head constantly down, it must ask its skeleton to be in perpetual tension which inflicts pain in the longer or shorter term.

Old dogs with osteoarthritis, sick, who have undergone an operation, well all dogs with more or less long term will need double raised bowls for water and food.


2. Better digestion In addition, a raised bowl, in addition to allowing better ingestion of food, allows better digestion and less absorption of gas in the stomach during meals. Less pain and therefore less gas …

3 . More hygiene Our raised dog bowls help keep soil dust away from your pet’s food and water. We don’t realize it but when we walk we raise dust, even if our kitchen is clean, there are always residual microbes and dust, hairs etc. Likewise, if your dog sorts his food, he will tend to place it on the edge of his table and no longer on the ground as before. In addition, the water will then be out of reach of the dust on the ground and whether a small cat or a large dog will be able to drink clean water. If you opt for a double dog bowl holder, you will see that the space between the two bowls and the edges has been designed so that the food does not fall to the ground but also so that it can actually use the sides as a food support if of need.

4. More cleanliness The dog, like cats, has a tendency to sort his food and does not hesitate to take the kibble out of his bowl if there is something better at the bottom of his bowl or if he doesn’t like it! With a support, he will be able to sort and naturally place his food on the edge of his table without the food falling on the floor. He can then eat it cleanly.

Double bowls for water and food or single bowl?

At Pets And Bowls we offer both! Depending on how much space you have to put a bowl or two raised bowls for your dog in your kitchen. You can also take two individual bowls and put them side by side or in two separate spaces. However, do not forget that the dog or the cat needs to have a bowl of water not far from his food bowl. Choosing two bowls on feet instead of double ones can also have the advantage of allowing you to choose different colors or the same but with feet of different colors, see more!

If you have the place the JOE or LILOU model allows you to have on the same table a bowl to feed your dog and one filled with water. All bowls suitable for the Pets And Bowls bowl holder again are designed to be dishwasher safe.

Porte double gamelle sur pieds , bleu chien moyens-Pieds noirs  Pets and bowls

Porte double gamelle sur pieds , bleu chien moyens-Pieds noirs Pets and bowls

What is the purpose of Pets And Bowls? Provide well-being! Our product is unique and our customers know it too. Our best free advertising is word of mouth and our desire is to make your life easier, to keep you and your pet happy on a daily basis. We could advertise, promote and for us our great pride is to change the life of your animal and yours. Animals will not see the colors of course but will see the difference by eating their food and drinking their water every day! We’re against dog food dispensers, and a dog food holder will be a thousand times healthier for your dog than any ugly dispenser in your kitchen. Now best sales are made by advertising people who have purchased either in store or online on our Pets And Bowls site and who have shared their happiness to see their dog even happier!


How do I maintain my Pets And Bowls table for dogs?

The bowls are dishwasher safe , the coating that covers the table is waterproof and only needs to be washed with a soft sponge and a little washing up liquid. NEVER BLEACH!

If your pet likes to sort his food and you have stuck ends, wash them quickly and then think about drying them afterwards. When you fill the bowl with water, remember to wash it each time and the same for the bowl of dry food. For more simplicity, you can also order 1 or 2 spare bowls which you can find in our accessories page. On the other hand, our creation of bowls for cats, medium, small and large dogs are not made so that you can use just any bowls. We recommend that you only use our own, otherwise we will not accept any liability;




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Weight 1,95 kg
Dimensions 34,5 × 30,5 × 27,5 cm
Feet 25 cm

Matte gray squares, Round Blacks, Round whites, White Squares


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