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Custom-made bowl racks for small dogs

ZOE model -FEUILLES- Hygiene, health and design!

This beautiful free-standing bowl holder is perfect for small dogs to eat and drink. The reason LEAVES is very springy, fresh and multi pastel colors so will not denote in your interior! A wipe of the sponge and everything is clean. No more food on the ground and dust in your dog’s bowls, he will finally be able to eat and drink at the right height. Do you have any doubts about the size? Our guide It’s up to you to choose and match the feet of your choice below!

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Raised bowl for small dogs?


No more practical but ugly bowls! Long live the beautiful supports and bowls adapted to your dog!

More and more the kitchens are open, American style and we like to invite our friends there and when we have animals at home nobody really wants to see a bowl lying on the floor with leftover kibble. pretty much everywhere! So, I created this range or on the contrary see a beautiful object, this ZOE bowl holder, from our Pets And Bowls brand becomes a source of pride!

Elevated bowl Zoé Leaves round white feet 10cm

Elevated bowl Zoé Leaves round white feet 10cm

CUSTOMIZED: Unique and ultra-contemporary design


We are the only ones to offer tailor-made items for an object intended to feed your animal!

A design and a high-end manual production and in medium production. The aesthetic side is important, but for us, but the quality and longevity of the products are even more important.

Unique concept:

The big difference in product design Pets And Bowls along with other luxury dog bowls, lies in the waterproof covering used to cover its double wooden structure and in metal legs lacquered in various colors which can be chosen in round, square and also be raised by +/- 5 cm as an option. Classic dog tables are often made of varnished wood which over time leaves water stains that never go away and deteriorates the visual appearance of the structure. So unless you don’t use them or wipe off the drops of water right away, they always end up deteriorating, which means you have to sand and re-varnish the wood to regain a beautiful visual appearance. stainless steel are top of the range and are dishwasher safe. The support and the bowls are very easy to clean and the term chore will disappear from your vocabulary to make way for pleasure!

ZOE model: The ideal double bowl for your small dog?

For water and food, a support on feet for 2 bowls for food and water. All in one, designed so that your animal can have a better position to eat and drink during its meals. An optimal way to reduce the pain of older dogs and preserve the spine of younger dogs by avoiding straining their backs.

Your dog had dreamed about it as well as you even for a long time!

Provide a dining table for your cat and your dog.

For your dog: no more back pain, dust from the ground in the bowl reserved for water or food and having to run the bowl that slides throughout the kitchen to often end up stuck under a piece of furniture! To choose for you a superb designer raised bowl holder, modern, elegant, practical and easy to clean! A beautiful object also ideal for American kitchens.




dog eats at the table

dog eats at the table

Why choose a raised bowl for a small dog?

These are not problems reserved for owners of a large dog, because whether it is small dogs or large dogs the concerns and needs are the same. Dogs, like cats, need a dedicated place to eat. They are made up of habits and these habits reassure them. By choosing a raised dog bowl for water and food, you will give them a better quality of life on a daily basis.

For his health by improving the comfort of the animal.

Your dog does not have to go for his food on the ground. If you don’t elevate his bowls, he can’t eat at the correct height. We eat well on a table, seated in chairs. Have you ever been seated on chairs that are too high for the height of the table or vice versa? This results in an uncomfortable position for us and our skeleton, it is the same for our dogs or our cats. It is necessary to be able to adapt the size of your dog to that of his raised bowl.

dog anatomy

dog anatomy


Consequences for your animal?

A great use because by offering the possibility to your small dog to eat at the height recommended for his body, you will allow him to have better digestion because a better ingestion of food as well as less gas in the stomach. Remi Guérin dog trainer and behaviorist is formal read

“The bowl must be placed on a high support, at the height of the dog’s neck (shoulder). When the dog eats like this, the food gradually enters the stomach and digestion is facilitated. The dog also absorbs less air in its stomach. For these two reasons, the risk of stomach twisting to which large dogs are subjected is significantly reduced.

In order to further reduce this risk of twisting, it is advisable to let your dog rest for a few hours after the meal, and to divide the daily ration into two minimum meals, one in the morning and one in the evening, to avoid stomach overload.

In addition, placing the bowls at a height is more hygienic: the dog can no longer put his paws in the bowls at the risk of dirtying them or spilling them, and dust and dirt no longer enter the bowls as easily as if they were. on the ground.”

Less pain?

Do not have to force on your back, neck, hindquarters and front legs, so a better position for better digestion by eating and drinking at the ideal height for your body type! Daily use will save him a lot of inconvenience afterwards and will only offer him advantages! This is not a first, dogs and cats have the same health concerns as we do as they age. They lose their flexibility and stiffen. L’arthrose ainsi que d’autres soucis de santé leur demande beaucoup plus d’effort pour se pencher, sauter, courir, se coucher. Des douleurs que nous pouvons soulager ou éviter en les faisant manger et boire à l’aide d’une gamelle surélevée !



For cleanliness?

It is obvious that if for your dog or your cat you opt for a raised bowl and put at the right height you put a distance between the dust and invisible germs that you raise when you walk around your pet’s bowl. This dust settles all the more easily when the bowl is placed directly on the ground. With this raised dog bowl, the ZOE model, you will avoid these problems of contamination of the contents of the bowls.

Materials of the Pets And Bowls?

Our bowls are in stainless steel because it is in this matter that bacteria proliferate the least. Micro-cracks found in plastics and ceramics are time bombs for the growth of bacteria! A great deal of research was carried out on this subject Health Magazine Regularly washed stainless steel is much healthier for your animal! Studies The capacity of the 2 ZOE model bowls for small dogs and cats is 0.75cl each. Ideal capacity for food: have room to mix food if needed. A bowl that is too small and filled to the brim means food is everywhere on the floor! Trick : never fill it to the brim. It is better to rinse it each time and change the water several times a day to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and flooding on the ground by our dear little dogs.

Deluxe Double Bowls created for small dogs

A table for your little dog?

Not only does this model of raised double bowls bring comfort and stability to your dogs but a space just for them! We wanted it to look like a small table with enough room on the sides for your dog to sort his food and put it on the rim of his raised bowl instead of on the floor like before! Your pet needs tranquility to eat and drink, not to mention the size of his bowl or the height. Both dogs and cats like to be able to take breaks and come back for a snack when they want the rest of their food. Hence the importance of having a raised bowl for dogs to have to ensure them more stability thanks to the support of the bowl which is balanced and allows a better grip on the ground. A good height, more stability thanks to its 4 non-slip feet, raised thanks to a good quality support for your dogs and your cat, this model of raised bowls will become the ideal companion for your dog and / or your cat. A custom-made bowl holder for you and your dog! A design and a high-end manual production and in small production. The aesthetic side is very important, but for us, but the quality and longevity of the products are even more so. Ingéniosité !

A double bowl support must be studied from several criteria: its aesthetics, its height, its size, the ability to be adjustable also in height, the diameter of its bowls, have a very stable base, be solid and weak. space to fit everywhere! In short, a lot of important points! After having validated all the essential criteria for comfort, the ideal height of the bowl support, the possibility of having an adjustable height using the booster seats, the space between the edge of the support and the bowl we studied aesthetics and ease of use for the happy parents of doggies! The finishes of our products are high-end and really designed to be practical, aesthetic The big difference in the design of Pets And Bowls products with other bowls for dogs, and cats lies in many details such as:

  • The tailor-made
  • The stainless steel bowls are top of the range and go to dishwasher .
  • The material, the waterproof coating used to cover its wooden structure
  • 8 colors to choose from
  • Of stable and non-slip lacquered metal feet and in various colors
  • The possibility of choosing their shapes and colors!
  • Stabilize imperfect soil and opt for booster seats
  • An adjustable height with thefoot risers +/- 5 cm optional
  • Logo sealed below

Really unique concept!

The classic raised dog bowl racks are often made of varnished or painted wood which over time leaves water stains that never go away and deteriorates the visual appearance of the structure. So unless you don’t use them or wipe off the drops of water right away, they always end up deteriorating, which means you have to sand and re-varnish the wood to regain a beautiful visual appearance … In short, a nightmare because it is obvious that you have to have a solid and easy to maintain material when you have a dog or a cat at home! Dogs are so happy to eat that it is better to have a material that is easy to maintain without becoming a slave to an everyday object!


ZOE raised dog cat bowl Stainless steel feet sheets

ZOE raised dog cat bowl Stainless steel feet sheets


Additional information

Weight 2,100 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25,5 × 12,5 cm

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  1. Michail Kostakos (verified owner)

    The premium quality, sturdy construction and elegant design makes this product unique!
    The assembly is super easy, you can’t get it wrong!
    Packaging was super tough, it withstood some serious shocks on its way from France to Greece but contents survived just fine!
    Designer is very cooperative and there to answer all questions!
    In addition, the designer contributed 50% to the courier expenses, which I found it a nice gesture!

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