Elevated Dog bowl – Lolly : Gold


The LOLLY model in blue is superb and does not take up space. 40cm round stainless steel feet for large dogs.

Easy to clean underneath. Solid and stable! Ideal for adding an elegant water point in living rooms. Of course, it is to be used either for water or food.

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The best elevated bowl for tall dogs !

Dogs like to have habits and don’t like their beds or food or water bowls to move around, so they need a well-defined spot in the kitchen or elsewhere. When they come back from walks, get up in the morning or after a long active day or lazing around, they always like to enjoy a good breakfast or dinner. Having a large dog at home takes up space and requires organization. Having bowls lying around in the kitchen everywhere is unsightly and necessarily having leftover food that is not hygienic either for your dog or for you. Owning an object that your big dog will love that you will be happy with your day to day and consistent with your interior decoration is rare. With a choice of several colors and choice of foot shape, the LOLLY model for large dogs will allow you to have both


Porte gamelle sur pieds or - grands chiens - Pets and bowls

Porte gamelle sur pieds or – grands chiens – Pets and bowls

Why adopt the Lolly model for large dogs?

The Lolly model has a single large raised bowl where you can put water or food. The interest lies in the possibility of being able to separate the water from the food and / or to put water points in various places in the house. Even if you have several dogs, having several bowls on feet is more practical or complementary to the double bowl models. Likewise, if your interior is small, it will easily find its place without being noticeable in your decoration. No more overturning water bowls or food on the floor! Large dogs should eat and drink at a height appropriate to their size. With this solid wooden structure which is covered with a waterproof coating, you will be happy to be able to offer a beautiful practical and useful object to your dog. Indeed, it is very important to always raise the water and food bowls for large dogs. For what ? To facilitate the ingestion of their food and thus have better digestion and thus accumulate less gas in their stomach. When a dog is sick or aging, he often suffers from osteoarthritis and other joint problems so giving him the opportunity to eat and drink to the level his body needs is the greatest gift you can give him. TO DO !




Combine design and love for your big dogs


A beautiful space unique to him, clean and easy to maintain that your dog will love to use. A beautiful contemporary object supporting a beautiful luxury bowl that is beautiful and practical for you on a daily basis. An object specially designed for your well-being and health and studied to be able to integrate all interiors, both classic and contemporary. The stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe and a single wipe with a little dish soap is enough to wash the top. Rinse and pat dry.

Zoe gamelles grand chien

Helly grand modèle pets& bowls

Helly grand modèle pets& bowls

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38,5 × 35 × 47,5 cm


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