Raised bowl for small dog – RASPBERRY – Navy


The model RASPBERRY with the pattern MARINE is very trendy, fresh and contemporary.

Capacity 0.75l

Stainless steel bowls are of course dishwasher safe and the coating is washed with a sponge with soapy water, rinse and wipe!

The very practical option of adjustable feet of +/- 5 cm is available for a supplement of 9 euros.
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Do you want the best for your little dog?


Why have the same bowls as the others when you can have a personalized one, entirely to your taste and adapted to the morphology of your small dog?

You have finally found the ideal bowl for your little companion: The RASPBERRY model for small dogs and cats!

Framboise was my 1st companion dog, a beautiful black and tan Yorkshire terrier. He was a great dog, stubborn, very affectionate, jealous, intelligent, happy with a strong character like all small dogs in general!

Dog and cat raised bowl - RASPBERRY - Stainless steel square feet - Navy - Pets And Bowls

Dog and cat raised bowl – RASPBERRY – Stainless steel square feet – Navy – Pets And Bowls

We create at Pets And Bowls models of raised bowls both for the cats that for all breeds of dogs, whether for small dogs or for very large dogs!

We are the only ones at Pets And Bowls to offer you tailor-made for your small dogs.

Of course, small dogs cannot eat from too large bowls, they need a suitable height and a bowl size that also meets their needs.

This RASPBERRY bowl is made for small dogs who need to eat and drink from bowls really designed and created for them, adapted to their height to preserve their health as much as possible.

We have designed this mono rack on 10 cm feet available in 8 different colors with the choice of feet (shapes and colors), for all small dogs. If you have an uneven terrazzo floor, an old floor, or if you have a puppy that is going to grow, we recommend that you order the booster seats to screw which will allow you to stabilize your table and give it +/- 5 cm more. We recommend them for all our cat and dog bowls.

You can either use it as a water point or to feed it.

In addition, this superb bowl holder for small dogs is also designed to be beautiful, original and elegant in all interiors and without resembling all the other bowls that you can find in the trade …

Single or double bowl holder for your small dog?

If you are not really sure of your choice you can already see the size of your kitchen, the location where you want your small dog to eat his meals undisturbed and if you have room to take either a double bowl holder or two simple bowl holders placed at a distance from each other.

The advantage of a double rack / ZOE/ for dog is that everything is gathered in one place but if you do not have the place or if you want to have fun taking two different colors and putting them side by side, it can become really very original and modular.

In addition, the advantage of the RASPBERRY dog bowl holder is that you can also use it as an additional water bowl in a room for example. As with Pets And Bowls everything is tailor-made, it will be easy for you to find the perfect color that will go in your interior decoration.

It is important to always have a variety of water bowls available for your dog.


Zoe Marine black round legs 10cm

Zoe Marine black round legs 10cm

What about the quality of our products?

All the Pet And Bowls bowl holders for all breeds of dogs and cats are designed and manufactured manually and to measure with the best materials suitable for the health of your pet and to facilitate your daily maintenance.

A compendium of useful, essential, comfortable for your little dog and beautiful and unique for you and your home!

It is by studying the behavior of dogs and cats on a daily basis, by interviewing specialists and veterinarians that these creations are also successful, not only for small dogs but for all dog breeds.

  • They are stable
  • They are strong for your dog
  • Spaces of the bowl and the edges of the table designed for your dog to put down his food
  • Waterproof and easily washable coating
  • Feet allow easy washing underneath
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Space-saving
  • Choice of foot shapes
  • Choice of foot colors
  • Coating color of your choice
  • Replacement bowls available
  • Adapted booster seats offered



What kind of bowl should I choose for my small dogs?

As with eating, it is an intense moment of pleasure for our pet and that is why it is important to reserve a specific place in the house for it.

The small dog, like all breeds of dogs, needs habits and does not like changing his habits and likes to be able to find his bowl of water and food always in the same place, easy to access, which is why he he needs a quiet place and just for himself.

It is true that there are some breeds of dogs that are much more gluttonous than others, but on the whole they are basically all alike.

It is important to consider that your small dog should have his water bowl or food bowl at shoulder height.

Why ?

So as not to have to bend over and thus ask his skeleton to force on his spine and so facilitate digestion of your small dog and decrease the absorption of gas in his stomach.

For more cleanliness and prevent the dust from the ground entering his water bowl or his food bowl.

For more hygiene and allow him to be able to put his food on the edge of the table and no longer on the ground.

Your Yorkshire terrier, your shih tzu, your Bichon Maltese your chihuahua put it everywhere when they eat and sort their food? You can also opt for the double bowl for small dogs

What is a small dog?


Small dog breeds are numerous and very popular because they have a long lifespan, adapt very well to apartment life and can also make a good watchdog.

You have the butterfly dog, the pug dog, the yorkie dog, the dachshund dog, the chihuahua dog, the boston terrier dog, the miniature pinscher the jack russel,

A small dog is often considered an excellent companion dog, an ideal companion, very intelligent, cheerful, dynamic and affectionate!

Choosing a breed of dog is often complicated because we never really know its true character at the beginning and if it will correspond to our lifestyle.

For example, the Cavalier King Charles is an ideal companion dog who adapts very well to apartment life and can be seen in many pictorial representations as a pet at the court of kings.

“Indeed, it is Charles II of England (1630-1685) which gives the English dwarf spaniels their letters of nobility. He had such a passion for it that they were called King Charles Spaniels. The king never moved without his dogs who even had the right to enter the parliament 2 .

Competition came with the pugs and the Pekingese who have a flat nose. Therefore, the King Charles had to follow this fashion [According to whom?] . Breeders had to create shorter nosed King Charles 3 . “ source


Unfortunately, it is often chosen to undergo laboratory tests …

High bowl for small dogs RASPBERRY

High bowl for small dogs RASPBERRY


Small dogs

Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Chinese crested dog, dwarf spitz, pug, the shih tzu, the Maltese bichon , are part of the small dogs, they are very appreciated as a companion dog and all have a strong character!

The small dog is a good companion, which does not take up too much space, is quite stubborn, often very spoiled and is also a good guard dog because he barks more than large dogs! Chihuahuas for example can be quite fierce and easily nip people they don’t know, while a Labrador will open the door to your house! The Jack Russel is known to be an excellent hunter and hyperactive much like the Yorkshire Terrier, a small dog originally used to find rats in mines

In addition to being very affectionate, the breeds of dogs chosen as small companion dogs, having no real function, are much more popular with city dwellers who generally have a fairly small living space in an apartment. A small dog is a dog that likes to participate in the life of the family and that is often taken for children, because it is very easy to take on vacation, on the plane and for its affectionate side.


Dog and cat raised bowl- RASPBERRY - White round feet-Navy- Pets And Bowls

Dog and cat raised bowl- RASPBERRY – White round feet-Navy- Pets And Bowls

To summarize !

Do you have a small dog at home and are you looking for the ideal bowl for it?

Do you have several small dogs and just want an extra waterhole to add to your home?

Know that if you have any doubts about the size or model to choose, we are at your disposal to answer your questions!

The RASPBERRY bowl holder model for small dogs has

1 single bowl with a capacity of 0.75 cl

Its total height is 12.5 cm

IF you think your dog is a small dog, but you are not sure that his breed is really one of the small dogs, you can refer to our guide BUT if you have a puppy that is going to grow we recommend that you take the larger size the MANDY model whose bowl capacity is 1,500 liters but the height remains the same.

The RASPBERRY model with only one bowl is perfect for

  • A small dog
  • A small space
  • Put 2 side by side
  • Feeding your little dog
  • Give to drink


Now you just have to choose the color that you like as well as the feet

RASPBERRY bowl for small dogs

RASPBERRY bowl for small dogs




Additional information

Weight 1,700 kg
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 12,5 cm


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