Large dog bowl-JOE: Leaves


For all large healthy, old or sick dogs.

The Joe model declined in the pattern LEAVES is easy to integrate into any decoration.

40cm legs

Limited stock in this color


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Large dog bowl holder


Working, having a professional, family life and wanting to keep a clean and beautiful house with one or more large dogs is not always easy! Between the toys lying around, the food next to the bowls and water all over the kitchen, there are days when our patience is tested …

Providing your pet with a space that will be beautiful and practical will make your life easier and bring you a lot of satisfaction on a daily basis as well as your companion.

Pets And Bowls is the only company to offer you a custom-made bowl holder for your large dogs, your animals and we are proud of it!

The model JOE is named after my dog who is a 9 year old Labrador / Spaniel and who loves his Pets And Bowls!


Do you have the happiness and the responsibility of having a large dog at home and you can’t find the right dog bowl holder for your size and needs?

The JOE model, dog bowl holder accommodates 2 high quality stainless steel bowls. This bowl holder has been studied by us so that your dog can eat and drink in the same place without the food entering or being in contact with water, but also to be an essential element of decoration in your House !

Double gamelles sur pieds grands chiens

Double gamelles sur pieds grands chiens




  • DOUBLE SPACE SAVING : All in one water and food with 2 bowls.
  • CLEANLINESS : More food on the ground thanks to the raised structure
  • HEALTH : No more soil dust in your dog’s bowls
  • WELL BEING : A dog bowl holder created for his well-being, his comfort during his meals.
  • A SMALL FURNITURE : Beautiful, unique, solid and design
  • EASY MAINTENANCE : Stainless steel bowls 2 x 2 liters each which are dishwasher safe
  • OPTION : Height adjustable thanks to the optional booster seats
  • REASONS: 8 colors to choose from, fresh, modern, colorful or more sober.
  • A CHOICE : Shape, color and height of the legs in stainless steel and lacquered



Why buy a dog bowl holder?


Your dog might just eat and drink from a standard dog bowl because after all, what a dog loves above all is to eat, right? Yes on the substance but not on the form because we now know that the dog needs to eat and drink at a height corresponding to his shoulders to keep his spine straight, therefore in a raised bowl. Large dogs have an even greater need to eat with a bowl support at shoulder height due to their size.

Many large dogs have health, osteoarthritis and digestion concerns and providing them with a bowl holder is a necessity for their well-being.



  • Less strain on its bones to reach for food and to drink
  • Suitable for all dogs and for sick or old dogs
  • Better food intake
  • Better digestion
  • Less gas ingested during the meal.
  • Better everyday comfort
  • 2 stainless steel bowls, not plastic (bacteria nest) Stainless steel is always recommended.
  • More hygienic because the bowls are raised and therefore away from dust on the floor
  • To preserve the health of your dog during his meals and finally eat and drink at the right height.


Canine anatomy and physiology-

Canine anatomy and physiology-


Choosing a dog bowl holder is not easy, because as a consumer it is difficult to tell the difference as long as it is beautiful, elegant, and practical for you.

  • A superb useful and decorative object in your home
  • Coating easy to wash and not wood which will deteriorate quickly.
  • Waterproof coating and matching your decoration
  • Classic, fresh, modern or discreet
  • Feet with anti-slip system
  • Small footprint
  • No more dog bowls lying around
  • Booster seats allow you to have an adjustable height for your dog
  • Do you have the single bowl holder or the double bowl model for dogs?

The JOE double bowl holder is for large dogs of type Labrador, Husky , Boxer, etc

The two stainless steel bowls supplied with the bowl holder have a capacity of 2 liters each, which is perfect for not having to fill your dog’s bowl to the brim.

With this JOE model of dog bowl holder you can also choose 45 cm feet if you have a puppy and you realize that the 25cm feet are not high enough. All you have to do is contact us to order them and we will send them to delivery.


What is a double bowl holder?

It is quite simply a mini table for dogs or cats in which two stainless steel bowls are inserted. The height must be either adjustable or the bowl holder must offer different sizes of legs and bowl diameters.

The JOE bowl holder for large dogs is designed to meet all the conditions for your dog and for you:

  • The distance between the 2 stainless steel bowls is very important and must be really studied so that neither the water nor the food comes to pollute each other.
  • The space between the edges of the table and the bowls should be wide enough for your dog to put his food there if needed.
  • A raised bowl helps prevent soil impurities from settling in your dog’s water and food
  • The 4 stainless steel and lacquered feet stabilize the structure and facilitate cleaning underneath.
Helly mangeant dans le support de gamelle  LOLLY- Pets and bowls

Helly mangeant dans le support de gamelle LOLLY- Pets and bowls


Maintenance of my bowl holder?

It is true that having a dog bowl holder with 2 bowls is very practical so that your dog or your cat eats at the right height and you just need to wash the covering regularly with a little washing-up liquid, to rinse well with water. clear water and especially to wipe.

The 2 stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe and we recommend that you take 2 more if you do not have time to wash them directly. Double time saving.

Do not use any contending objects, abrasive products or scratching sponges on the dog bowl holder.

If you see stains on the bowl support wash them quickly and change the water in the bowl every day to prevent bacteria from growing there.

Maintenance TABLE OPUR DOGS AND CATS – Pets And Bowls

I am not sure of the correct height for my large dog?

We have an size guide which you can use to see our different heights and contact us if you really are not sure. You just need to measure your dog from the feet to the neckline.

The HELLY dog bowl holder with feet with a height of 40cm is for very large dogs but is too high for Labradors, hunting dogs or other medium dogs for whom the JOE dog bowl holder or LOLLY will be perfect.

Likewise, the 2 x 2 liter bowls are suitable for large dogs but too large for thinner dogs and then the LILLOU model with 25cm high feet and 2 x 2 1.5l bowls will be sufficient.


How is the order placed?

You take your time to choose the dog bowl holder that you like the most.

  1. Determine the location that will be dedicated to your animal (dog or cat) and take the measures to be sure that it will not get in the way.
  2. Depending on the space available you can either have a single dog bowl support or a double bowl support.
  3. You can also 1 bowl holder for water depending on the one for food with the LOLLY model if you do not have enough space.
  4. You choose the color
  5. You choose the feet
  6. You place the order
  7. You are waiting for delivery
  8. The feet will be assembled by you according to the instructions provided to prevent the stand from breaking during transport.
  9. A screwdriver will be offered to you


To conclude

Your dog does not have a long lifespan and bring him maximum comfort with a good comfortable bed as well as with superb dog bowls placed on a water-resistant and not wooden support and adapted to his height and his needs will be the greatest gift to give him. He will be grateful to you and will no longer be chasing his bowls through the kitchen!


pets and bowls LArge dogs

pets and bowls LArge dogs


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 62 × 37 × 47 cm


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